Schedule & Results, Panthers on the Prowl, 2018-2019 (St. Thomas Panthers)

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Friday, December 7, 2018
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#18:00 AMJoeS London Devilettes White 1-4Oakville Hornets Orange Burpee
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#18:15 AMEECC-E London Devilettes Blue 1-0South County Amhersburg
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#28:15 AMJoeP South County Predators Harrow White 5-0London Devilettes Orange Crushers
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#29:00 AMJoeS Flamborough Falcons 3-1Lakeshore Lightning White
Nov CNovice C#19:00 AMEECC-K Kincardine Kinucks 2-1Chatam Outlaws
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#39:15 AMEECC-E Flamborough Falcons 5-5Burlington Barracudas Red
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#29:15 AMJoeP South County Predators Blue Kingsville 4-0BGHC PW Orange
Nov CNovice C#210:00 AMJoeS Sarnia Jr Lady Sting 2-3St. Thomas Panthers C
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#310:00 AMEECC-K Burlington Rebels 2-3South Point Stars
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#110:15 AMJoeP Golden knights 0-2St. Thomas Panthers
NHLNovice HL#210:15 AMEECC-E Flamborough Falcons 2-7Kitchener Lady Rangers
BHL RBantam HL Red #111:00 AMEECC-K Tillsonburg Lightning 1-4Oakville Hornets
PWCPeewee C#111:00 AMJoeS West Oxford Inferno 1-0Lambeth Lancers
PWCPeewee C#211:00 AMMEM St. Thomas Panthers 0-5Tillsonburg Lightning
BHL RBantam HL Red #211:15 AMEECC-E London Devilettes Team 2 1-0Whitby BlackHawks
NHLNovice HL#111:15 AMJoeP London Devilettes Red Devils 2-2St. Thomas Panthers
ATCAtom C Red#212:00 PMEECC-K West Oxford Inferno 0-3Lambton Attack
BTCBantam C#112:00 PMJoeS St Thomas Panthers 2-0Central Perth Predators
BTCBantam C#212:00 PMMEM Lambton Attack 0-5Kincardine Kinucks
ATCAtom C Red#112:15 PMEECC-E BAD Blazers 0-0West Grey Warriors
BHL BBantam Blue HL #112:15 PMJoeP Orange TIgers Thompson 1-1Kent County Fillies
ATCAtom C Blue#21:00 PMEECC-K Iderton Jets 1-3Stratford Aces
BHL BBantam Blue HL #21:00 PMJoeS Kitchener Lady Ranger Blue 6-1SCFHA Jr Badgers Red
MIDCMidget C#11:00 PMMEM BAD Blazers 2-5St. Thomas Panthers
ATCAtom C Blue#11:15 PMJoeP Kincardine Kinucks 5-0Brantford Ice Cats
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#61:15 PMEECC-E South County Predators Harrow White 6-1Burlington Barracudas Red
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#32:00 PMJoeS Niagara Falls Rapids 0-5Kitchener Lady Rangers
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#52:00 PMEECC-K London Devilettes White 1-4BGHC PW Orange
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#52:00 PMMEM South County Predators Blue Kingsville 4-0South Point Stars
ATHL-R (XOVER)Atom HL#42:15 PMJoeP Lakeshore Lightning White 4-4Golden knights
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#42:15 PMEECC-E Burlington Rebels 1-4Oakville Hornets Orange Burpee
PWCPeewee C#33:00 PMJoeS Lambeth Lancers 0-4Kincardine Kinucks
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#53:00 PMMEM London Devilettes Blue 1-1London Devilettes Orange Crushers
Nov CNovice C#43:15 PMJoeP St. Thomas Panthers C 2-1Chatam Outlaws
Nov CNovice C#34:00 PMJoeS Sarnia Jr Lady Sting 5-0Lambeth Lancers
PWCPeewee C#44:15 PMJoeP Tillsonburg Lightning 3-1West Oxford Inferno
BTCBantam C#35:00 PMJoeS Central Perth Predators 5-1Woodstock Wildcats
BTCBantam C#45:15 PMJoeP Kincardine Kinucks 5-0St Thomas Panthers
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#45:30 PMMEM Flamborough Falcons 3-3South County Amhersburg
NHLNovice HL#36:00 PMJoeS St. Thomas Panthers 4-4Kitchener Lady Rangers
NHLNovice HL#46:15 PMJoeP London Devilettes Red Devils 5-0Flamborough Falcons
BHL BBantam Blue HL #46:30 PMMEM SCFHA Jr Badgers Red 3-7Orange TIgers Thompson
ATHL-R (XOVER)Atom HL#57:00 PMJoeS Kitchener Lady Rangers 4-4Flamborough Falcons
Nov CNovice C#57:15 PMJoeP St. Thomas Panthers C 8-3Kincardine Kinucks
PWCPeewee C#57:30 PMMEM St. Thomas Panthers 1-3Kincardine Kinucks
ATHL-R (XOVER)Atom HL#68:00 PMJoeS St. Thomas Panthers 2-2Niagara Falls Rapids
BHL BBantam Blue HL #38:15 PMJoeP Kent County Fillies 0-5South County Predators team Sim
MIDCMidget C#28:30 PMMEM Kincardine Kinucks 0-4Central Perth
BHL RBantam HL Red #39:00 PMJoeS Oakville Hornets 0-3London Devilettes Team 2
BHL RBantam HL Red #49:15 PMJoeP Whitby BlackHawks 3-1Tillsonburg Lightning
BTCBantam C#59:30 PMMEM Lambton Attack 2-1Woodstock Wildcats
Saturday, December 8, 2018
ATCAtom C Blue#38:00 AMJoeS Stratford Aces 5-0Brantford Ice Cats
ATCAtom C Red#38:00 AMMEM Lambton Attack 1-0West Grey Warriors
Nov CNovice C#68:00 AMEECC-K Chatam Outlaws 5-0Lambeth Lancers
ATCAtom C Blue#48:15 AMJoeP Iderton Jets 0-2Kincardine Kinucks
ATCAtom C Red#49:00 AMEECC-K West Oxford Inferno 3-1BAD Blazers
PWHL W (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#79:00 AMJoeS South Point Stars 3-0London Devilettes White
PWHL W (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#99:00 AMMEM BGHC PW Orange 0-1Burlington Rebels
PWHL W (XOVER)Peewee HLWY#89:15 AMJoeP Oakville Hornets Orange Burpee 1-6South County Predators Blue Kingsville
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#710:00 AMEECC-K Flamborough Falcons 1-4St. Thomas Panthers
PWHL R (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#710:00 AMJoeS South County Amhersburg 0-4South County Predators Harrow White
PWHL R (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#910:00 AMMEM Burlington Barracudas Red 0-0London Devilettes Blue
PWHL R (XOVER)Peewee HLBR#810:15 AMJoeP London Devilettes Orange Crushers 2-2Flamborough Falcons
BHL BBantam HL Blue #511:00 AMMEM Kitchener Lady Ranger Blue 0-3South County Predators team Sim
BHL BBantam HL Blue #611:00 AMEECC-K SCFHA Jr Badgers Red 0-2Kent County Fillies
BHL RBantam HL Red #511:00 AMJoeS Whitby BlackHawks 1-1Oakville Hornets
BHL RBantam HL Red #611:15 AMJoeP London Devilettes Team 2 5-0Tillsonburg Lightning
Nov CNovice C#712:00 PMEECC-K Chatam Outlaws 3-4Sarnia Jr Lady Sting
NHLNovice HL#612:00 PMJoeS Flamborough Falcons 0-5St. Thomas Panthers
PWCPeewee C#812:00 PMMEM West Oxford Inferno 1-2St. Thomas Panthers
NHLNovice HL#512:15 PMJoeP Kitchener Lady Rangers 0-4London Devilettes Red Devils
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#81:00 PMJoeS Niagara Falls Rapids 2-3Lakeshore Lightning White
Nov CNovice C#81:00 PMEECC-K Lambeth Lancers 0-5Kincardine Kinucks
PWCPeewee C#71:00 PMMEM Kincardine Kinucks 1-1Tillsonburg Lightning
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#91:15 PMJoeP Golden knights 2-3Kitchener Lady Rangers
BTCBantam C#62:00 PMMEM Kincardine Kinucks 4-0Central Perth Predators
MIDCMidget C#32:00 PMJoeS St. Thomas Panthers 0-4Central Perth
PWHL RPeewee HL#202:00 PMEECC-K Flamborough Falcons 0-1London Devilettes Blue
MIDCMidget C#42:15 PMJoeP Kincardine Kinucks 0-3BAD Blazers
ATCAtom C Red#53:00 PMJoeS West Grey Warriors 1-3West Oxford Inferno
PWHL BPeewee HL#193:00 PMEECC-K South County Amhersburg 0-4Burlington Barracudas Red
PWHL WPeewee HL#213:00 PMMEM London Devilettes White 0-2Burlington Rebels
ATCAtom C Red#63:15 PMJoeP BAD Blazers 1-3Lambton Attack
ATCAtom C Blue#64:00 PMJoeS Kincardine Kinucks 0-1Stratford Aces
BHL RBantam HL Red #74:00 PMMEM Tillsonburg Lightning 1-4Oakville Hornets
ATCAtom C Blue#54:15 PMJoeP Brantford Ice Cats 0-3Iderton Jets
BHL BBantam HL Blue #85:00 PMMEM Orange TIgers Thompson 2-2Kitchener Lady Ranger Blue
Nov CNovice C#95:00 PMJoeS Lambeth Lancers 0-5St. Thomas Panthers C
PWCPeewee C#65:15 PMJoeP Tillsonburg Lightning 4-0Lambeth Lancers
ATHL-RAtom HL#106:00 PMJoeS Niagara Falls Rapids 2-1Golden knights
PWCPeewee C#96:15 PMJoeP Kincardine Kinucks 4-0West Oxford Inferno
ATHL-BAtom HL#117:00 PMJoeS Lakeshore Lightning White 1-3St. Thomas Panthers
BHL BBantam HL Blue #77:00 PMMEM South County Predators team Sim 5-0SCFHA Jr Badgers Red
PWHL YPeewee HL#227:15 PMJoeP BGHC PW Orange 1-4South Point Stars
BTCBantam C#78:00 PMJoeS Woodstock Wildcats 0-5Kincardine Kinucks
MIDCMidget C#58:00 PMMEM St. Thomas Panthers 4-1Kincardine Kinucks
BTCBantam C#88:15 PMJoeP St Thomas Panthers 3-1Lambton Attack
MIDCMidget C#69:00 PMJoeS Central Perth 5-1BAD Blazers
Sunday, December 9, 2018
PWHL R (XOVER)Peewee HL#238:00 AMJoeS South Point Stars 0-5South County Predators Harrow White
PWHL B (XOVER)Peewee HL#258:00 AMMEM Burlington Rebels 4-1London Devilettes Orange Crushers
PWHL Y (XOVER)Peewee HL#248:15 AMJoeP London Devilettes Blue 0-2Oakville Hornets Orange Burpee
PWHL W (XOVER)Peewee HL#269:00 AMMEM Burlington Barracudas Red 1-4South County Predators Blue Kingsville
BHL BBantam HL Blue #99:15 AMJoeP South County Predators team Sim 3-0Orange TIgers Thompson
BHL BBantam HL Blue #1010:00 AMMEM Kent County Fillies 1-5Kitchener Lady Ranger Blue
BHL RBantam HL Red #1010:00 AMJoeS Whitby BlackHawks 0-2London Devilettes Team 2
Nov CNovice C#1010:15 AMJoeP Kincardine Kinucks 3-1Sarnia Jr Lady Sting
NHLNovice HL#711:00 AMJoeS Flamborough Falcons 1-6London Devilettes Red Devils
PWCPeewee C#1011:00 AMMEM Lambeth Lancers 0-3St. Thomas Panthers
NHLNovice HL#811:15 AMJoeP Kitchener Lady Rangers 1-6St. Thomas Panthers
ATHL-BAtom HL#1212:00 PMJoeS St. Thomas Panthers 6-1Kitchener Lady Rangers
PWHLPeewee HL#2712:00 PMMEM Oakville Hornets Orange Burpee 0-4South County Predators Harrow White
ATHL-RAtom HL#1312:15 PMJoeP Niagara Falls Rapids 1-0Flamborough Falcons
MIDCMidget C#71:00 PMJoeS Kincardine Kinucks 0-5Central Perth
PWHLPeewee HL#281:00 PMMEM South County Predators Blue Kingsville 4-1Burlington Rebels
MIDCMidget C#81:15 PMJoeP BAD Blazers 1-0St. Thomas Panthers
BTCBantam C#102:00 PMMEM Central Perth Predators 2-1Lambton Attack
BTCBantam C#92:00 PMJoeS Woodstock Wildcats 0-2St Thomas Panthers
ATC (XOVER)Atom C#13 2:15 PMJoeP Brantford Ice Cats 0-4BAD Blazers
ATC (XOVER)Atom C#143:00 PMJoeS Iderton Jets 1-0West Grey Warriors
PWCPeewee C#113:00 PMMEM Kincardine Kinucks 2-1Tillsonburg Lightning
Nov CNovice C#11 Finals3:15 PMJoeP Kincardine Kinucks 1-5St. Thomas Panthers C
ATC (XOVER)Atom C#154:00 PMJoeS Kincardine Kinucks 2-0West Oxford Inferno
BHL R (XOVER)Bantam HL #214:00 PMMEM South County Predators team Sim 4-0London Devilettes Team 2
NHLNovice HL#94:15 PMJoeP London Devilettes Red Devils 1-0St. Thomas Panthers
ATC (XOVER)Atom C#16 Atom C Finals5:00 PMJoeS Stratford Aces 0-3Lambton Attack
PWHLPeewee HL#295:00 PMMEM South County Predators Blue Kingsville 1-4South County Predators Harrow White
ATHL-B (XOVER)Atom HL#145:15 PMJoeP Niagara Falls Rapids 0-5St. Thomas Panthers
BTCBantam C#116:00 PMMEM St Thomas Panthers 0-3Kincardine Kinucks
MIDCMidget C#96:15 PMJoeP BAD Blazers 0-3Central Perth
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